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General Motors

Here you can view the Leigh Davis work “General Motors”. It exists in two versions, the electronic version which you can see here and as an original artwork.


<a href="../../Leigh/online/GM2.htm" target="_self"><img src="../../Leigh/online/GM/GMtitle-sm.jpg" width=400 height=272 usemap="#GMtitle-sm" border=0 onMouseDown="GP_AdvOpenWindow('GM/GM_Book.html','book','fullscreen=yes,toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=yes',0,0,'center','ignoreLink','',0,'');return document.MM_returnValue"></a>

to view General Motors you will require the Flash Plugin. If the title above is animated, just click - you have the plugin already. If it is static then it is quick and easy to download and install the plugin from Macromedia. (270 Kb)

to print the book just right-click on the page while you are viewing and click “print” in the menu. (If the menu doesn't have “print” you will need to update the plugin from Macromedia.) Select “A4” and “Landscape” for your printer settings. Alternatively you can view or download this printable version: GM Printable (973 Kb, requires Adobe Acrobat, right-click the link and “save” to download it).

to download, if you don't have the plugin or you just want to view General Motors offline you may also download:

  • For Windows/NT use GM.exe (428 Kb)
  • For Macintosh use either GM.sit (512Kb) or GM.hqx (868 Kb)