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Scarlett: a Sequel


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Scertin luscatt surbrit sixth
Soquck dardy ingterst it
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Loathsome gingah lybin tance
Itchflict pertext periwell


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Whistpar Scarlett rewbon aft
Scentminer thawag rauphpa hap
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Todath neezin gigthied scar
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Taluge banpost yabeef charl
Forcoff klarkarm noton mey
Tivel youtoff meiteth


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Blamklap boxlood hopping shad
Yennee I'd steezing perscar flee
Kingspicks new ratricks wholway
Ladies ogulations fay
Blamoney forco feeney far
Ively tout hesttakes swas
Sheed Scarlett de verbeen
Spatrols toryan kill too tika


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Dagain a dagain as one did
Yonly dayshand fucky fou
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Manver loning toney ether you
Floorthno ching matter how
Rouples cupmother thereon thereon
Scarlett liasmell camheld Rhett
Sefelt curlsnape twecked


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Smatchisp a flecking fleeth


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To ermine devered
Her furt inesses
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Rought or gorall faid
Ti tupstherm I thanaday
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He raunts her aunts
Avern aspoorling ozen
He haugh tavannah