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I recommend an early breakfast. A bowl of muesli, say. Or a light omelette. Take a swim no later than ten--the others won't arrive till later. An orange will do wonders for that salt taste in your mouth. Brew up some coffee. If by now you are a little peckish, try a plate of cheese (camembert, if you have it) and sliced apple. Put the second Band album (‘Jemima Surrender’ is a good track) on the record-player and dance barefoot on the hardwood floor. When it’s over, go to bed and have a good fuck. It'll do wonders. .

Versions of this text previously appeared in Morepork 1 (1979), The Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Poetry (1989), and Castor Bay, pictures and proses, The Holloway Press, 1996.
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